1. Size

Will NURD designs fit my head?

NURD uses stretchable and breathable material with designs that are One Size Fits All. Please refer to the measurement guide before purchasing. Note that we do not accept exchange & refund based on wrong sizing. Also, you can refer to our Sports Hijab Tutorial here

Do you have NURD designs that covers the chest area?

Yes, our NURD Official Pro Power Mesh covers the chest area.

Do you have Children sizes?

At the moment, we do not have NURD designs available in child size due to low demand. However, we can produce custom made Kids size designs, but only for larger quantities. Please drop us an inquiry at info@nurdofficial.com

2. Sports

Which NURD designs should I use for sport activities?

NURD designs are suitable for ALL types of sports. (Running, hiking, futsal, football, hockey, swimming, yoga, golf and etc).

Can NURD designs be worn underneath a cycling or horseback riding helmet?

All NURD designs can be worn underneath a cycling or horseback riding helmet due to the thinness, stretch-ability and breath-ability of the fabric material.

3. Safety

Are the NURD designs safe?

All NURD are ready-made designs. This means, you do not need pins or knots to tie your headscarf, making an undercover unnecessary as well. The NURD sports hijab are designed leaving minimum loose material around the neck surface, preventing possible accidents to occur. The NURD stretchable material also gives freedom for you to move around and has a snugged-fit design around the face and head. The front and back flap can be worn underneath the collar of your shirt, leaving no loose ends.

Are NURD designs safer than a traditional hijab?

NURD designs are safer than wearing a traditional headscarf tied around the head. Pin-less and Knot-less!

4. Climate

Do you have NURD designs that are suitable for warm climate?

All NURD designs are made of breathable material and therefor suitable for higher temperatures to keep your head cool. It also has a mesh structure to let the wind go through and release your body heat.

Do you have NURD designs that are suitable for cold climate?

At the moment, we do not have a design that is suitable for cold climate due to low demand.

5. Service & Delivery

Where can I buy NURD Sports Hijab?

NURD Sports Hijab can only be purchased through this website.

How can I place an order?

Just click on the NURD model of your preference and it will take you to the order process. You can stop at any moment if you decide not to proceed. You can also add other NURD models of your liking to your shopping bag.

Do I need an account to place an order?

No you don’t need an account to place an order. You can sign in as guest. However, it’s best to sign up as you can track your order history with NURD for future reference.

I have not received my order yet.

We are sorry if your NURD order hasn’t arrived yet. Please check the estimated delivery time you received with the confirmation mail of your order. Make sure you count the BUSINESS days (no weekends). If the order still hasn’t arrived please sent us an email at info@nurdofficial.com with your order ID and full name. We will get back to you A.S.A.P. to check the correct address.

Can I return the items if they don’t meet my expectation?

Please take note that we DO NOT accept returns based on “I do not like the design” and “wrong sizing”. Product can ONLY be returned if there is faulty or damage. Please refer to our measurement guide and exchange & return policy for more information.

Do you deliver internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide. Cost & delivery time depends on the delivery address.

When can I expect my order, and what is the delivery time?

The (normal) delivery time depends on the delivery address. In general, the estimated delivery times are: Malaysia within 2-5 business working days. Singapore, Indonesia & Thailand within 9-11 working days and the rest of the world within 17 working days. We rely on 3rd parties for shipping worldwide, so this is just an estimation. Please contact us if it has taken too long to receive your order. (p/s: Shorter delivery period for express shipment)

Do you use Track & Trace on your shipments?

Yes, we do offer track & trace for your shipments. Upon the confirmation of your purchase, the tracking number will be given to you via payment receipt and email.

What are the shipping and handling cost?

For sending your order to your delivery address, we charge post & payment costs. Before confirming your order, you can see the total costs of your order, including these post & payment costs. The total of these costs depend on your delivery address.

6. Discounts

Where can I find discounts?

Please sign up for our newsletter to receive special discounts. And follow our social media!

7. Payments

What are my payment options?

You can pay real-time using Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard) or Paypal. You can also pay by bank transfer, please make sure to cover all the costs for the money transfer on your end.

8. Business Inquiries

I’m interested to do business / be a NURD agent!

You can drop us an email at info@nurdofficial.com for any business opportunity or collaboration.